Hot and humid weather typified the past week.  A huge growth of algae continued to blossom on Lake Winnebago.  Some of the algae were of the blue green variety, which is very smelly and can be toxic if swallowed by pets.  Water temps at times recorded 90 degrees the past week.  Water clarity is tainted by the top layers of algae.

Given the high water temperatures, a slowdown of fishing has occurred over the past week for most species.

Many active walleyes have moved to the mid-depths, especially in the 10-15 foot ranges.  We found these fish tightly schooled.  Crank baits run slowly, 1.3 to 1.8 mphs worked the best this week with no color pattern emerging.

The mud is still producing walleyes.  The fish are holding very tight to the bottom, assumingly seeking the coldest water possible.  Faster running crawler harnesses in the 1.2-1.6 mph range were enticing the most active walleyes.  The north shore had the best bite this past week in the mud.  The walleyes are very honed into specific speeds currently, as opposed to bait style.

Perch fishing has been so/so for many anglers.  Dead sticking was the most productive method again this week in the 10-13 foot ranges. The Fond du Lac area featured the best bite especially just outside the harbor, and on the Third Reef.  The mornings have been much more productive than the afternoons or evenings.   Transition zones (where the mud and the hard bottom meet) should be your current target areas.   Secondary locations would be mixed into the thickening weed bed.

Largemouth Bass have moved into their traditional locations over the past several weeks, after completing spawning activities.  Look for the bucket mouths near shaded areas in shallow water.

Unfortunately, I had only one trip on the water this week, and received just a couple of reports from my network of anglers.  Many of these anglers have started the migration to the Bay of Green Bay.

Lake Poygan has had some solid action for larger walleyes this week.  The roaming fish are inconsistent for locations, and must be tracked down each day.  Several top finishers in the Cabela’s Master Walleye circuit worked this area to earn paydays.  Some of the top finishers which remained in the main lake were notorious weed fishermen.  It might be time to break out the weed fishing gear!

Wish I had more to report.  I only expect one trip between now and my next report, so I will rely on your reports to help generate this report. Please send those trip reports to  You never know, it might earn you a My Fishing Partner hat.  Have a happy Fourth of July, and stay hydrated during the oppressive heat wave expected.