The Upper Fox River walleye spawning run is heading toward the peak of the season, as the Bay of Green Bay’s finest walleyes head into the Dam in Depere, WI.

Water temperatures have been consistent and have been hanging in the low 40 degree range for almost a week.  Average walleye spawning temperature is 45 degrees. Water clarity has improved to about 2 feet in many areas.

Nearing the Depere dam, many of the females have started to spawn, while other are awaiting their turn, and are still “hard.”

Males have frequented the central river channel from the Bay of Green Bay to the Dam, while the females have been found in the shallow flats or in the slack water areas prior to spawning.

Along the Island near Voyager Park and the power plant near the dam has held spawning fish.  Key to fishing this area is banging crank baits off the rocks.  We have found a higher percentage of the spawning females in the slack water area adjacent to rapidly moving water.

This week may provide the best action of the year, as many of the remaining females could move into the area to spawn, assuming the weather remains consistent.  The forecast does not support those sediments presently.