Although Jigging Raps are simple to use, “guys fish it wrong all the time,” says Tom Neustrom, a Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame guide. Mistakes include lifting it too high and moving it too much.

“With all winter baits, you have to stop the bait sometimes — don’t constantly move it, especially when the fish comes in and he’s looking at that thing and you see him on your flasher. You gotta stop that bait and let it sit there right in front of him and shake it. And then stop it. They can’t stand that.”

Don’t raise your Jigging Rap too far above the fish, Neustrom says. “They want something that’s right in front of them.” He and Ice Force pro Joel Nelson both usually tip Jigging Rap belly trebles with minnow heads.

Always tie a Jigging Rap to a leader line attached to your main line by a barrel swivel. “Otherwise, its going to twist your line.” Three feet is a good leader length.

Nelson notes that Jigging Raps “cover a lot of real estate. They can swim off to the sides and cover some ground, while behaving very naturally in helping to corral circling fish.”
source Target Walleye