Aug 15, 2019

Mark Schram, the founder of, has broken the record for Catch and Release – Walleye in the state of Wisconsin.

The walleye was caught in April of 2019, and was submitted to the WI-DNR shortly thereafter.  In early August the DNR certified the fish as a state record beating the old record of 30″ by nearly an inch.  The catch and release records were established in 2015 by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Mark Schram with the certified catch and Release walleye record in WI

Schram’s fish measured 30.75″ with no pinching of the tail, and nearly 31.5″ with a pinched tail.  The fish was taken in the Fox River (DePere, WI) and released after measurements and photos.

Schram stated he has caught walleyes larger than this recently in Wisconsin, but didn’t have the appropriate tools on the boat to register any of the previous fish (mainly a girth tape measure) in the catch and release format.  Schram’s largest walleye to date weighed in at 15.1 pounds and 32.5″, caught in Lake Erie Ice Fishing.