Off Shore Tackle is based in the sleepy resort town of Port Austin, Michigan. With Saginaw Bay on one side and Lake Huron on the other, Off Shore Tackle is uniquely positioned to live up to their company slogan “your leaders in trolling technology”.  Known best for their Side-Planer in-line planer boards and Tattle Flag kits, OST also produces a host of downrigger and planer board releases, the Pro Weight System and the Tadpole Resettable Diving Weights.

The latest product introduction in the OST family of products is a new in-line planer board known as the OR-37 SST Pro Mag. Perfectly weighted and ready to fish right out of the package, the SST Pro Mag planer is designed to pull more weight farther out to the side than any board on the market today. Bigger than other boards in the OST family, the SST Pro Mag is designed to troll for trout and salmon with generous amounts of copper line or lead core, clip on weight systems and even diving planers. The SST Pro Mag also performs flawlessly for musky, pike, striper and saltwater anglers who troll with oversized baits.

“I think the biggest advantage of the new SST Pro Mag is it can handle any amount of copper or lead core line an angler wants to fish,” says professional salmon/trout angler Russell Gahagan of Angler’s Avenue. “With the SST Pro Mag I can run as many as four lines per side of the boat and never have to worry that my board lines are in jeopardy of coming in contact with my diver lines.”

Getting copper line and lead core lines out to the side of the boat is critical to trolling success when targeting Great Lakes salmon, trout and steelhead. The new SST Pro Mag planes to the side beautifully and comes factory equipped with the exclusive Snapper Release on the tow arm and a Snap Weight Clip mounted at the rear of the board. The Snapper Release can be tension adjusted to function as a release when trolling with monofilament lines or tightened down to function as a fixed clip when trolling with super braids.
Available online late 2015 at  The SST Pro Mag will be available in stores in 2016.