Lake Winnebago Ice Report 2/3/18

Lake Winnebago Ice Report 2/3/18

Photo from Friendship Fishing Club

Overall. Lake Winnebago has solid ice conditions across the entire lake. The surface of the ice is essentially snow-free; however, that may change with 6” of snow anticipated later today.  Pressure cracks have been active over the past week plus, with ice shifting in the wind.  After the recent rains better than a week ago, there are some areas which have honeycombed tops, but the ice is solid beyond the first several inches.  Depths have varied systemwide, but 14-24 inches would be common.  Water clarity is variable by region, with veins of clean and dirty water.  Average visibility I would put at 9 feet.

There are areas of bad ice and open cracks.  Be careful, make your own judgments as to your own safety, and remember the ice conditions can change quickly and never is 100% safe.  Reduce your speed so when a crack is identified, you have time to stop on the glare issue.

That’s all folks!


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