Lake Winnebago conditions report 12.1.17

I just wanted to update our out-of-region visitors as to the conditions on Lake Winnebago currently.  The region awaits seasonally cold temperatures, as an abnormally warm fall season continues.  While early November was very cold, November set a record for the warmest November on record for average air temperature.

In 2017, many anglers wish we had some ice to fish upon

Daily air temperatures remain in the low to upper 30’s during the past week. Water temperatures are in the mid 30’s systemwide, fully prepared to support ice formation.  Lake Poygan held the coldest water at 32.2 degrees on Friday 12/1/17.

As things stand today, there is no ice on the system currently.  On some mornings skim ice has been seen in the back bays and harbors, but usually dissipates over the daylight hours.  Some feeder creeks had frozen over, but the ice was unable to support human weight.

Long term weather forecasts are projecting a return to normal temperatures at the end of the 7-day forecast.  It appears we are several weeks away from fishable ice on the Winnebago system currently.

There are no fishing reports to pass along currently.

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