By Mark Schram,

This report is intended as a courtesy report for our out of the region visitors.  As of 1.10.19 Lake Winnebago and Lake Poygan have very poor ice conditions.  Over the past week, the area encountered warm temperatures, rain, and heavy winds.  As a result, some of the ice on these lakes deteriorated, broke apart, or simply became open water.

Ice shoves have been observed along many of the shorelines of Lake Winnebago, with open water visible from shore in several areas.  The last 24 hours has allowed some of these areas to form skim ice, as part of the rebuilding process.

Several of the protected bays continue to support limited outdoor activity and have been spared on both Lake Poygan and Lake Winnebago.  Ice depths range from 3-7 inches.

Ultimately, the system is very dangerous right now. We are several weeks away from solid ice based on current long-range forecasts, in my estimation.  The next week will feature day time highs around freezing and evening temperatures in the teens.  The good news is there is no snow in the immediate 7-day forecast, so ice formation should occur a little quicker.

Wish there was more to report.  Stay safe.
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