Ranch Flavored Venison Roast

2012-11-23T20:42:26-06:00November 23rd, 2012|Game Recipes|

Place a 2-3 pound venison roast in a crock pot. Sprinkle one packet Ranch Dressing Mix over Roast. Place crock pot on low for about 4-5 hours. Add water, if desired. In most cases the roast will [...]

Venison Fajatas

2016-10-19T00:27:11-05:00November 21st, 2012|Game Recipes|

Ingredients:  1-lb Venison Steak 1 Large Onion, sliced 2 Bell Peppers (Red,Yellow or both) 4 Tbsp of Vegetable Oil For the Marinade: ½ cup of Fresh Cilantro 1/2 Jalapeno Pepper, seeded 1 tsp of Ground Cumin [...]

Venison Stew

2016-10-19T00:27:12-05:00November 19th, 2012|Game Recipes|

        2-3 lbs. deer stew meat 1½ cups water 2 onion gravy mix packets ¼ tsp. ground thyme 3 tbsp. vegetable oil 6 carrots, cut into one-inch cubes 1 cup frozen peas or [...]

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