Perch- The perch have started to move slowly north out of the Fond du Lac area, where they have been concentrated for nearly a month. Check some of the reefs on the west shore near Wendt’s for some nice sized perch. Waxies were catching perch at a 2:1 clip over crawlers last week for us. Metallic colored beads were a major attractant after the wate

r became more stained.Bluegills – Still mixed into the deeper water areas, and commonly found within the perch schools. As temperatures decline look for these fish to start a migration toward shallower water.Walleyes: Where did they go? They are fat and happy, with a ton of food sources at their beckon call. In the coming weeks look for migration into the rivers, assuming there is some increased water flows (rain).I talked with the Creel study guys (WI-DNR) last week. Most boats are pulling a half limit of perch and strong numbers of sheepheads. Only one walleye was caught on Saturday out of Fisherman’s Road, and that was a 6 incher.