The Navionics Boating App offers the same detailed charts on your mobile device as on the best GPS plotters.

Navionics Boating is available in two versions that provide the same charts and features: a free version where chart regions are purchased from within the app (Menu>Charts) or a paid version that includes one specific region with the ability to add additional ones anytime.

Whichever version you choose, after purchasing it’s important that you DOWNLOAD DETAILED MAPS for your areas of interest. You can do this in two different ways:

– Zooming and panning on the area, or
– Tapping on Download Map where the pins will allow you to select the portion of your interest.
To download you must have an internet connection. If you then zoom out, you will see that the areas for which you downloaded your maps are brighter than the rest.
In the future KEEP MAPS UP TO DATE from Menu > Update All (or Download Map).
Have a great time on the water with Navionics Boating for mobile and with our product line for GPS chartplotters! See ourWebApp!