By Mark Schram –

Lake Winnebago’s annual Sturgeon Spearing season has gotten off to a fast start over the weekend of Feb 13-14,2021.  Cold temperatures (below zero) did not deter the hunters from enjoying the opening weekend, with light snow in the air for Day One.  Water clarity has been outstanding, with many areas reporting visibility in excess of 14 feet.

The traditional observer packed weigh-in stations were generally void of on-lookers, as drive thru processing is occurring due to the COVID situation.  Much of the hype around the events remain and large numbers of spearers were able to drive onto the ice which is approximately 20” thick currently.

On day one, 16 sturgeon were registered which exceeded the 100-pound mark.  The biggest sturgeon registered came in at a tick over 160 pounds, according to the Wisconsin DNR on Saturday with the best on Sunday hitting the 121-pound mark.

The harvest caps (used to shorten the season if harvest numbers are strong) are safe from the end of season triggers on Lake Winnebago, with just 25% of the adult female cap registered as of Sunday 2/14/21.

The Upper Lakes, however, could surpass the season’s triggers prior to next weekend based on current harvest rates of over 50%, especially with a warming trend predicted by midweek.  The return to normal February temperatures will encourage spearers to partake throughout the week and to sit longer each day, potentially increasing the harvest numbers.

More updates later this week.



Daily HarvestSeason HarvestHarvest Cap
Juvenile females3478344
Adult females94223855