For many sports anglers, the 2018 trawling results will be met with open arms, as there is plenty of good news within this report.  However, there are also some negative results for several species.  For the full report please follow the link below.

“The 2018 bottom trawl assessment indicated that it was a strong year for yellow perch on the Winnebago System. The observed catch rate of 3.5 YOY/trawl is well above the long-term average of 1.6/trawl and is the highest catch rate observed since 2011 (5.7/trawl; Figure 2). There also was a respectable catch rate for adult yellow perch (6.7/trawl), ranking as the 6th highest catch rate since 1986 (Figure 2). The high adult perch catch rate was attributed to the measurable 2016 year class (2.3 YOY/trawl) that provided good angling opportunities during the summer of 2018 that may continue into 2019.”

Full Report Here: WinnebagoTrawlingReport2018