Winnebago County, Wisconsin Sheriff’s Office

Well, the timing of this is awful; but since it is now spring, aka flood watch season, we need to let you know of a new procedure that we worked on all winter.

In order to streamline the ability of the Sheriff’s Office to enact an emergency Slow No Wake pursuant to Winnebago County Ordinance 9.41, the following permanent protocols have been enacted. The County has been divided into eight zones, and a newly created Winnebago County – Emergency Slow No Wake phone line is the official delivery device.

Anyone may call 920-236-7488 at any time to find out the current status any Emergency Slow No Wake declarations for Winnebago County. Additionally, signage has been posted at all public access points within Winnebago County, directing boaters to our website, the zone maps, and the phone number.

When a Flood Emergency is declared for specific waters of Winnebago County, the declaration imposes a SLOW-NO-WAKE zone within 500 feet of any permanent structure for the navigable waters listed. Any emergency declaration will remain in effect until further notice, when the water recedes to a non-threatening level.

It is strongly encouraged that boaters check the status frequently during periods of high water, as the updates may change.

The Emergency declaration applies only to conditions arising out of a Flood Emergency.

Local ordinances, Wisconsin DNR Regulations, and US Coast Guard maritime rules remain in effect. Please check those sources for additional applicable boating rules and regulations.